Q. What happens after I order?

A. After you complete your order and payment, you are automatically redirected to the download page. You can instantly download your website files, instructions and getting started guides.

If you bought a website + domain name, we will contact you within 24 hours to begin the domain transfer. If hosting is included, we will set up cPanel web hosting for you and send you the login details within 24 hours as well.

You will also get access to our member area, where you’ll find a member F.A.Q., marketing / social media guides and access to our exclusive resources vault.

Q. Is my payment secure? 

A. All payments are safely handled through PayPal. You will be redirected to a secure webpage over at paypal.com to complete your purchase. We do not see or store any sensitive information, this is all handled by the largest and safest online payment provider; PayPal.

You can pay with your existing PayPal account or with credit card (with or without creating a new PayPal account). You can find these options when you check out.

Q. Who will I be dealing with after I order? 

A. You will be dealing directly with the owner of 21Brands.com; Koen West. Koen will be your personal ecommerce coach and help you get started.

Q. Will I have any monthly overheads?

A. All our ready-made websites are built in WordPress and web hosting is included for the first 12 months. You won’t have any monthly overheads or subscriptions, unlike some online platforms where monthly fees add up quickly.

Q. I need a custom built website, can you help?

A. We’d love to take a look at your website idea and see if we can help. Please contact us through this page and tell us about your project.

Q. If I buy a site, can I use my own domain?

A. Defintely. If you order a ready-made website through 21Brands.com, we can set the site up under a different domain of your choice and even include a fresh logo to match your domain

If you buy a Turnkey Script, no domain is included so you will need your own domain anyway.

Q. How do I promote my new website?

A. All our ready-made websites include a complete marketing guide on how and where to promote your new business online. If you need some help with that, don’t hesitate to email us.

Q. How does support work?

A. When you work with us, we provide lifetime support. We love helping clients and regularly offer support on anything from tech issues to questions like “how do I set up my Facebook ads?”.

Support is done over email. We also include a 30-minute Skype session to answer any questions you might have after you’ve bought your store from us.

Q. How do I plan my Skype session?

A. When you’ve bought a ready-made online store from us, 30 minutes of Skype coaching is included. Here we can discuss anything you want, from tech questions to marketing.

After you’re up and running with your store, drop us an email anytime you’re ready to schedule your call. Times and dates are flexible and you decide when you want to cash in your 30-minute credit.

Q. What is e-commerce coaching?

A. E-commerce coaching is one-on-one Skype coaching that helps you as a starting ecommerce entrepreneur. Many starting entrepreneurs struggle to digest the large amounts of information they find online and simply don’t know where to start.

Ecommerce Skype coaching helps you find the right direction and get things done. We will set goals for you and decide what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Then you will be held accountable for your efforts and results.

Coaching is done weekly or every two weeks.