About the Product

BetterHeights.com is a fully automated leather boots and men’s fashion niche store. This fully automated Amazon affiliate store makes shipping, stock and returns a thing of the past, so you can focus on running your store



This store targets the growing global market for high quality leather boots and shoes. This product is in high demand right now and online shopping (Amazon) makes ordering easy.

The concept of this site is to fully automate the order fulfillment process through Amazon.com so you can focus on running the store.

With fulfillment completely automated, you also won’t waste any time trying to write clever blog posts or updating stock / prices or manage supplier relations; it’s all taken care of.


Why Amazon?

Running an affiliate site through Amazon is by far the easiest way to make money with an online store. You don’t have to deal with suppliers, stock, updating prices or shipping. All that is being handled by the world’s largest internet retailer.

All you need to monitor are your Analytics and Amazon dashboard. Here you can find your conversion rates, traffic stats, referrals and so on.

Another good reason to choose an Amazon affiliate model is because of its ultra-low overhead costs. All you have to pay is your web hosting and this site will keep running smoothly on its own.


When Will I Get Paid?

You get paid whenever you make a sale through Amazon’s Associates Program. Let’s take a look at the following scenario to see how that works:

Step 1: John (the customer) visits your website and decides to buy a pair of leather boots.

Step 2: John adds the item to his cart and goes to checkout. He is redirected to Amazon.com through your affiliate link

Step 3: John completes the checkout and pays for his item through Amazon.

Congratulations, you have made a sale and will receive a commission from Amazon.

With this system, there is one more scenario where you get paid, without the customer buying their initial purchase. Here’s how that works:

Step 1: Mary (the customer) visits your site and decides to buy a pair of chukka shoes

Step 2: Mary adds the item to his cart and goes to checkout. She is redirected to Amazon.com through your affiliate link

Step 3: Mary decides not to buy the item after all and closes her web browser

Step 4: three weeks later, Mary buys a silver necklace through Amazon.com

Because Mary still has a browser cookie in her web browser, you still receive a full commission on whatever Mary buys. It is not uncommon for Amazon affiliates to see many unrelated items on their income reports, simply because of the Amazon affiliate cookie.

For almost every item, the Amazon affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days after the customer has added it to their cart.

You can read more about Amazon’s affiliate program here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com


Payment methods:

The Amazon Associates program offers multiple payout methods.

From Amazon.com:

US-based Associates account can choose to receive their advertising fees paid out via check, electronic Amazon.com gift card, or direct deposit. Associates based outside the US have the option of check or Amazon.com gift card to receive payments


What you get

When you choose to work with 21Brands.com, you will not only get a high-potential, ready-made online store, but you also receive personal coaching and written instructions to get you started – all designed to help new ecommerce entrepreneurs excel in the online marketplace!

Included with your purchase:

  • The website
  • Domain name
  • Instructions on running the store
  • Established social media accounts
  • Marketing guide
  • 12 Months of Premium web hosting + support & maintenance
  • 30-minute coaching session over Skype
  • Ongoing email support: your personal e-commerce expert whenever you need help

With only a one-time investment, you’re buying the very foundation of running your own successful ecommerce business. Everything you need is included so you can skip the learning curve and get started right away.


Key benefits of owning this store:

  • Hot & growing niche
  • Ready to go; start selling when you buy
  • 100% homebased business
  • As automated as it gets
  • No stock so you can run your business from anywhere

This website also includes established Instagram account @betterheights so you’re off to a great start when you buy it now.

Are you ready to get started with this high potential Amazon ecommerce website today? We include detailed instructions and personal support from our in-house ecommerce experts so you can’t go wrong. Buy it now before it’s sold.