About the Product

SlashLogo.com is a ready-made service reseller site. When you get an order, you simply place the same order with a pro logo designer for less while striking up a profit for each sale


The niche

Logo design is an evergreen service that everybody needs. Even well vetted website owners are always looking for a reliable, trustworthy logo designer who can deliver quality work at a fair price. The problem? Logo design is often underpriced with poor quality of service and design, or highly priced, outside of most website owner’s budget.

Guess what? We created a solution for this. Priced just right, this business offers logo design from top quality designers while making ordering effortless for the customer. With a professional storefront, customers know that you offer reliable work and will make sure to come back if they’re happy with the service.

With logo design being a $500 million + market, you know there’s room for new services. Many entrepreneurs are starting out today, so why not help them get their logo?


How it works

The user places an order through your website. All the information that they filled in + their exact order is automatically emailed to you and also viewable in detail through the WordPress backend. You then place the same order at your supplier’s website for much less and you strike up a simple, neat little profit. The winner of this auction will receive all the reseller’s information + additional info about how to run the website.

You sell for more than you buy for. Here are the profits:

  1. Logo Design: you sell for $99, you buy for $20, your profit: $79
  2. Business Card Design: you sell for: $79, you buy for $15, your profit: $64

Happy customers will come back, too. A single client can easily convert more than once if they end up needing more logos for other ventures.

Also: you are free to change the prices on the site to make even more profit per sale. Prices can be changed with the click of a button through the easy WordPress interface. Full instructions on how to make changes to the site are included with the sale.


What you get

When you choose to work with 21Brands.com, you will not only get a high-potential, ready-made online store, but you also receive personal coaching and written instructions to get you started – all designed to help new ecommerce entrepreneurs excel in the online marketplace!

Included with your purchase:

  • The website
  • Domain name
  • Instructions on running the store
  • Established social media accounts
  • Marketing guide
  • 12 Months of Premium web hosting + support & maintenance
  • 30-minute coaching session over Skype
  • Ongoing email support: your personal e-commerce expert whenever you need help

With only a one-time investment, you’re buying the very foundation of running your own successful ecommerce business. Everything you need is included so you can skip the learning curve and get started right away.


Key benefits of owning this business:

  • Growing niche
  • Ready to go; start selling when you buy
  • High profits per sale
  • 100% homebased business
  • No stock, no shipping so you can run your business from anywhere

Are you ready to run your own logo design business? Buy this turnkey script today and get started right away! Instructions on how to install this script on your own domain are included and we even offer lifetime support in case you need any help. Buy it now while stock lasts.