About the Product

PortRichard.com is a ready-made online store. All items are dropshipped through AliExpress so you never have to worry about stock or shipping and the entire process is automated.

What is it?

You’re looking at a ready-made online store in a fantastic niche. The entire store is already built and 100% automated, so no messing around with spreadsheets or suppliers by hand.

Port Richard sells luxurious men’s pocket watches. These mechanical timepieces are experiencing a comeback as hipsters and fashionable men love these old school accessories.

Watches are hand-made and real mechanical pocket watches, meaning you have to wind them up before use (no battery needed).

All watches are named after famous sailors and explorers so customers get a nice little backstory which people really enjoy.

All watches are carefully selected from trusted vendors.

Prices are marked up at a nice profit (200% and up) so you’re sure to make good money for each sale you make. This means that when you sell a watch for $40, you buy it from the supplier for just $20. With free shipping, that’s a perfect dropshipping profit margin.

You can also increase or decrease these prices if you want.


How does dropshipping work?

This store is 100% dropshipping. This means that whenever a customer order, you simply place that same order with the supplier, who then sends the item to your customer. Ordering is done online and only takes 25 seconds (you can outsource this if you want).

The prices listed on the site are lower than the supplier’s, so you strike up a nice profit per sale (2 times the supplier’s price and up).

You get all the supplier’s information + step-by-step instructions on how to place orders, handle customers, get tracking numbers etc. Thanks to our extensive support and documentation, you can’t go wrong.


What you get

When you choose to work with 21Brands.com, you will not only get a high-potential, ready-made online store, but you also receive personal coaching and written instructions to get you started – all designed to help new ecommerce entrepreneurs excel in the online marketplace!

Included with your purchase:

  • The website
  • Domain name
  • Instructions on running the store
  • Social media accounts
  • Marketing guide
  • 12 Months of Premium web hosting + support & maintenance
  • 30-minute coaching session over Skype
  • Ongoing email support: your personal e-commerce expert whenever you need help

With only a one-time investment, you’re buying the very foundation of running your own successful ecommerce business. Everything you need is included so you can skip the learning curve and get started right away.


Key benefits of owning this store:

  • Growing niche that helps people stay fit
  • Ready to go; start selling when you buy
  • Uniquely branded
  • 100% homebased business
  • No stock so you can run your business from anywhere

This store also includes established Instagram account @portrichardwatches (over 4700 followers!) so you’re off to a great start.

Are you ready to get started with this high potential dropshipping website today? We include detailed instructions and personal support from our in-house ecommerce experts so you can’t go wrong. Buy it now before it’s gone!