What if I told you about a magic pill that will instantly get you excited about your new online store? Well, that’s what case studies are to me.

Simply put, a case study describes the step-by-step process that someone went through building their online store. It includes everything from idea to marketing and gives you a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

These 5 case studies show you real world examples of how someone else built they online business and what they did to get the first customers in. Let’s get started!

How I Imported Gaming Glasses With Alibaba and Made $2,416.51 in 5 Weeks

This case study, written by a Shopify employee, talks about the launch of a gaming glasses product. Corey Ferreira built this online business purely as a test and case study to demonstrate the power of ecommerce.

Learn how Corey sourced products from China, put them together as a custom brand and sold them to a dedicated community of gamers online.


How We Built an Ecommerce Business from Scratch and Generated $922.16 in Revenue in 3 Days

How can a product so simple generate such good sales in just 3 days time? This case study shows you how simple it was to create and launch this Matcha tea business by showing exactly what they did along the way.


How I Built an Online T-Shirt Business and Made $1,248.90 in 3 Weeks

If you think apparel is a difficult niche, think again. This step-by-step case study highlights the process of building a t-shirt business from scratch and taking it to substantial turnover in just 3 weeks time.


How I Built An Online T-Shirt Business In 24 Hours With $24 That Made $347 The First Day (And How You Can Too)

Making $347 on your first day can be as simple as selling custom t-shirts. If you believe you’re an entrepreneur at heart but aren’t sure if ecommerce is right for you, this case study will convince you.

It describes the in-detail process of a unique and very entrepreneurial venture: hyper-local t-shirt design.


The results of the 24-Hour Business Challenge

If all the case studies I listed above didn’t convince you, hopefully this one will. Noah Kagan talks about how he launched a unique ecommerce business in just 24 hours and got this beef jerky subscription service to $3000 in sales!

Noah documented every step along the way so set back, watch and learn.


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