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​What If You Could Start A Profitable Business Risk-Free?

There has never been a better time to start your own business. Thanks to the internet, you can start a business today and make money tomorrow, no matter where you’re located, you can be your OWN boss right now. 

But then how come we hear of so many failures? Why do some people succeed while others fail online? 

Finding the right products to sell can be challenging, marketing can seem like a total mystery, and all the while advertising costs you money. 

But what if you could simply start an online business with almost no risk? 

Secrets of a “no money down” start-up

Back in the day, new business owners had to take out an expensive loan to buy inventory, just to get things started with their store. 

Even online stores had to pay thousands of dollars upfront for inventory, taking a big risk of not selling and sitting on lots of dead stock. 

But in the early 2010s, that all changed. Business owners smartened up to this and found a better way to do business: dropshipping. 

Take a look at this:

With dropshipping, you don’t buy inventory. Instead, you buy each item from the supplier whenever YOU make a sale in your store. 

The supplier takes care of shipping & handling while Shopify handles the technical side of things. That means you need 0 inventory or technical skills to run and operate your online store. 

So what can go wrong? Most people who start a Shopify dropshipping store have no clue how to reach their audience or do their marketing. Here’s how most people start their Shopify journey:

  • Build a store
  • Run random, untargeted ads
  • Pray people will show up and buy their stuff

This is very unlikely to work and leads to frustration and little or no sales. The owners of those stores don’t know any better… but you will.

Introducing the Shopify Masters Course

Let’s be honest: you have no idea what actually works. It’s time to stop having an incomplete and simply wrong picture of Shopify and making sales online.

We created the Shopify Masters course for 1 simple reason: give you an honest overview of what’s involved in building a successful 5 or 6 figure Shopify dropshipping store.

After taking this video course, you will have an unfair advantage over everyone else who starts out. You will understand EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work in 2019.

No outdated methods, no incomplete information. This is the No-BS guide to Shopify, weeding out all the stuff that doesn’t work and giving you the real and raw of dropshipping.

This course changed my life

I was completely lost, trying all sorts of different things to make money online. Ironically, the more I tried, the worse my results got. I always knew dropshipping was a great business model but I needed a mentor to help me. These guys did exactly that with the Masters Course. I made $834 last month and can’t wait to scale this business up!

Dave Bisset | Over $2863 in 1 week

With the Shopify Masters Course You Become:

Crystal Clear About Your Mission

With a complete understanding of Shopify dropshipping, you'll have all the knowledge in your toolbelt to operate and scale a successful e-commerce business

Someone with a proven system for profits

You will understand what works and what doesn't. Unlike the 90% of Shopify beginners who are CLUELESS about how to make money through their store, you will know what works

Someone who works on their own terms

This course isn't about working 16-hour days, grinding away behind your laptop. Although it is important to put in the work, we know that your main goal is freedom and financial independence. If that's you, this course is what you need.

Someone with skills & knowledge to scale

You will have a thorough understanding of Shopify dropshipping, which allows you to create new stores but also scale existing ones for maximum profit. We're here to help you build a business and long-term income.

​A Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass

1: Building your store

Learn which apps to add, which FREE Shopify themes to use, shipping configuration, adding products and much more

2: Products and Shipping

Which products should you add to your store? How do you write good product descriptions that turn into sales? And how to set proper shipping up?

3: Products and Pricing

Learn how successful dropshippers pick their products and price them for maximum conversions and profits.

4: Influencers & Ads

The ins & outs of marketing. This is the most extensive part of the course for good reason. Since most people fail to properly market their store, we go deep into creating ads and working with influencers.

5: Optimization

We're all about testing and optimizing our stores to the max. You learn how 6-figure store owners optimize their businesses for maximum profit

6: Scaling

Once you're making money, it's time to scale. You may think you know how, but we explain everything in detail. You can now take your $200 /day store to $1000 /day and beyond

7: Conversion

Learn how to optimize your store for conversion and make TONS of more money in the back-end through email marketing and other methods. Learn the secrets that e-commerce giants won't tell you

​​​​​Entrepreneurs Getting Real Results

Starting my own online business changed my life, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the 21Brands Shopify Masters Course. The info is solid and up-to-date. 21Brands really knows what works about and share techniques that actually work.
Aaron Hill
$1969 in 7 days
I had spent months researching online but the more information I got, the more confused I was. And why do all these gurus say different things? 21Brands has been so helpful with the Masters Course. Thanks guys!
Jackson Hughes
$8740 in 21 days
Being a single mom, my time is always limited so I can't afford wasting it on confusing information online. Actually that's what got me really down and I was ready to give up this whole "dropshipping journey". I was already following closely and when they made this course, I thought I'd give it one last shot before throwing in the towel all together. I'm so glad I did! I'm on my way to creating a full-time income from Shopify and couldn't have been more thankful to these guys. Thanks guys for this life-changing opportunity!
Jessica Müller
$261 in 7 days
Trying new things is always fun, but I don't have time for BS. I tried different Shopify related courses but this one is BY FAR the best. Solid information, well-structured, clear videos. Love these guys, highly recommended.
John Abdel Nour
$18.460 in 4 months
I was in a bad situation financially and had no idea how to get out of it. Online business seemed hot but the information was just confusing. After taking this course, I'm now well on my way to financial independence, working just a few hours a day!
Michael Davis
$1280 in 14 days
Simple: it's the best course on Shopify dropshipping in 2019
Takashi Nakamura
$630 in 7 days

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$1648 in my 3rd week

You guys sure didn’t oversell this. I followed every video in the Masters Course and I must say, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I took action, started working on my store 3 – 4 hours a day and got results within my second week. Third week I was KILLING it with this one product and I’m gonna ride this out a little longer. Thanks so much, I owe you my life!

Peter Veenstra | Over $11.000 in 2 months

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are student personal sales figures. Please understand that results are not typical. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk. doesn’t guarantee results and this isn’t a get rich quick scheme but an actual business education course about dropshipping.