About the Product

This is a background investigation website, fully setup to earn affiliate money per signup. This fully functional website provides a search box that passes each search query onto the vendor’s website, for which you earn a share through their affiliate program. When the user signs up, you get paid 65% of the total sale amount per user! Try it yourself and see how easy it works.


How does it work?

Whenever a user lands on the website, they can use the search function to find extensive information about anyone they like. After you click the “Search Now” button, you are redirected to the vendor’s website. On their site, you can subscribe to a monthly recurring plan, for which affiliates earn 65% commission per sale!

The affiliate program that’s being used is Everify through RevenueWire, which is one of the leading background check affiliates out there. You earn a 65% commission on every sale (around $20 p/m). This means that by passively referring just 7 people each day, you will earn $100 a day with minimal efforts.


Is this a good niche?

Background checks are very interesting and the niche is very lucrative. In the United States, many companies require a mandatory background check before they hire or work with an individual. Small business owners and individuals often also prefer a background check before working with a new partner or employee.

So not only are companies paying, individuals are curious too. In a world that’s filled with anonymity, data theft and online personas, background checks are more important than ever. Needless to say, this niche will continue to grow over the next 10 years and will turn over more money each year to come.


Key Benifits of owning this site

  • Hot and growning niche
  • Work from home business
  • No inventory, no stock, no physical location (work from anywhere)
  • No customer support required; referals only
  • Set-and-forget business; no maintenance

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