About the Product

You’re looking at a fully ready-made online service business that’s 100% outsourced. This means you never have to draw a single cartoon character but simply outsource all the work to professionals while making a profit on each transaction.

The site is fully set up with shopping cart and order tracking integrated. All you have to do is begin promoting and watch the sales and profits flow in.



How does it work?

This is a high potential, outsourced business with shopping cart & order tracking integrated. This click-and-go turnkey business is fully set up and running and the new owner of this website can start promoting the service right away to people looking to buy these caricatures for wedding invitations, corporate gigs, birthday presents etc (read down below to learn more about this website’s promotion & profits).

Your visitors place the order for the cartoon drawings they like. Next, they upload their photos and you outsource the actual work to freelance cartoonists while striking up 87.5% in pure profits per item! You then deliver the work within 2 – 3 working days and you’re done. All supplier’s information will be provided with the sale, as well as step-by-step instructions for the order process.


Profit Margins:

All products on the site are set at $40 while you outsource the work for just $5 per drawing. That means you strike up $35 per item sold. People looking to order these fun drawings to put on wedding invitations, t-shirts, mugs, corporate events etc. will order much more than 1 gig at once. Feel free to change the price per product for even more profits per sale. $40 is still on the low-end compared to other illustrators’ fees so feel free to bump it.

Since your profits per sale are so high, it’s also viale to completely oursource your marketing and have people post ads on Craigslist, bullitin boards, wedding forums etc etc while still striking up a large profit for each sale you make.


Who will buy these?

Who doesn’t want a fun caricature of themselves or their friends? Here’s some occasions but there are many, many more possibilities. Be creative!

  • To print on wedding invitations
  • To use as a profile picture
  • To use as a phone background
  • To use for employees on a corporate outing
  • Print on nametags as a gag
  • Print on t-shirts
  • Use on your peronal website
  • As a birthday or annaversary gift
  • To print on packaging
  • Have the bakery ‘print’ them as frosting on a cake


Where to sell?

I discovered this largely untapped niche while browsing Reddit where I found someone selling this service for $40 per cartoon drawing and they were selling like candy. You can sell these virtually anywhere though, both online and offline. Some promotional method you can use include:

  • Local advertisement
  • Media buying
  • Classified ads (online / offline)
  • Forums
  • Online marketplaces
  • Ebay
  • Ad spaces
  • Social Media
  • Word of mouth: tell your friends and family
  • Freelancer sites
  • Messaging boards
  • Direct sales


Key Benifits of owning this site

  • Hot and growning niche
  • Work from home business
  • No inventory, no stock, no physical location (work from anywhere)
  • 100% outsourced; you never have to draw anything yourself
  • Set-and-forget business; no maintenance

Are you ready to run your own cartoon service website? Buy this turnkey script today and get started right away! Instructions on how to install this script on your own domain are included and we even offer lifetime support in case you need any help. Buy it now while stock lasts.