About the Product

This is a fully set up content rewriter tool. The site is monitzed through Adsense + Clickbank and is sold 100% functional as-is. The app allows users to simply paste their text and have it rewritten (or ‘spun’) in a click.


How does it work?

Millions of webmasters from around the world need unique content for their blog, comments, website texts and so on. This tool provides an instant and free solution to spin content online. Content spinning software can be expensive and come with a learning curve while this tool is free to use and 100% online.


Making Money:

This site currently runs Google Adsense; the largest advertising platform on the internet. Using Adsense, you get paid every time a user clicks one of your display ads. This is usually a small amount anywhere between $0.05 and $2. Even with a small number of active users, this revenue can really start adding up and make for true passive income online.

We have also put some Clickbank affiliate links in the footer menu to increase profits even more and spread out earnings. You can also replace Adsense or the Clickbank affiliate links with different monetezation methods if you like.



  • Comprehensive admin panel where you can track website visits, page views, visitor logs etc. Through the admin panel you also manage the ads, API access, captcha settings and even the rewriter tool’s synonims.
  • Tool has a built in synonyms database & full Spintax Support
  • 6 languages Support [English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Germany, Turkish]
  • API Access Support – Rewrite from anywhere
  • Secure captcha protection system



The market for content spinners is huge. Many people want to blog but don’t want to copy other people’s content. Besides bloggers, many other webmasters need content rewritten on a regular basis.

You can promote this handy app through many platforms, such as Reddit, webmaster forums, PPC, Linkedin etc.


Key Benifits of owning this site

  • Red hot niche
  • Work from home business
  • No inventory, no stock, no physical location (work from anywhere)
  • No interaction with customers, no support, just the site making money
  • Set-and-forget business; no maintenance

Are you ready to run your own article rewriter website? Buy this turnkey script today and get started right away! Instructions on how to install this script on your own domain are included and we even offer lifetime support in case you need any help. Buy it now while stock lasts.