About the Product

This is a fake Facebook and Twitter conversations generator. Users can generate real looking conversations and tweak every possible setting (such as profile pictures, tags, amount of likes and so on). Then, just spread the fake news online and go viral like a boss. With fake news being so influential right now, this niche is burning hot.


How it Works:

Creating a fake convo is very simple. You go to the site, choose one of four options through the top menu or the mainpage and you start creating your fake conversation. There are plenty of settings you can tweak in this process.

After the app has generated your fake conversation, it’ll give you a link and download option to your fake Tweet or Facebook chat. Then simply download the image and spread it around on the internet.


Why is this popular?

Fake tweets, Facebook chats and status updates is a HUGE niche and largely untapped by internet marketers. That’s where this site comes in.

Popular Facebook pages and websites like 9Gag feature these fake chat conversations all the time. A simple search on Google News for the term “Fake Tweet” shows that these fake tweets are being picked up even by the established media EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Fake tweets have even sparked celebrity controversy. Some examples include:

Royal baby: Fans tricked into thinking ‘Princess Charlotte’ has arrived by fake tweet

Big Sean: I Never Threatened Justin Bieber … That Tweet Is a Fake!

Top 7 Hilarious Fake Tweets

These fake messages are often brought in the news stating “this celebrity tweeted this message and removed it shortly after”. These great hoaxes can be created in seconds using this neat web app.

2016 has been the pinnacle of fake news with lots of controversy around its role in the United States presidential election. With media becoming more and more international and instant, spreading fake news is only going to grow as a niche.


Making Money:

This site currently runs Google Adsense; the largest advertising platform on the internet. Using Adsense, you get paid every time a user clicks one of your display ads. This is usually a small amount anywhere between $0.05 and $2. Even with a small number of active users, this revenue can really start adding up and make for true passive income online.

The ads on the site can also easily be replaced with Clickbank or Amazon code if you want to use something else instead of Adsense. Currently it has one banner ad and one sidebar ad on the actual conversation generator pages.


Key Benifits of owning this site

  • Red hot niche
  • Work from home business
  • No inventory, no stock, no physical location (work from anywhere)
  • No interaction with customers, no support, just the site making money
  • Set-and-forget business; no maintenance

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