About the Product

This is a seduction / PUA site, complete and ready-made for its new owner to operate. The site is build in WordPress and already linked to a high-converting Clickbank affiliate offer. Learn more about profit potential and the product down below.


The Product

This website is set up to promote the most popular PUA product on Clickbank: The Tao Of Badass. This dating advice / PUA product has been the absolute leading Clickbank dating product for years and converts like crazy.

It is a digital download product, which means no physical shipping. It also means you get paid instantly in your Clickbank account when a new member inputs their credit card info and make the purchase.

PUA self-help programs teach confidence with women and seduction techniques to guys. These products have become extremely popular over the past few years and is still a growing niche. With society become more and more individualized and young guys having fewer social skills, these products will only become more popular overtime.



The product this site promotes is The TAO Of Badass. Whenever a user clicks on the signup link, they’re sent to the TAO Of Badass site through your affiliate link. When they signup, you’ll receive 75% commission of the initial sale. That is $57.72 cash for you. However, with upsells and monthly recurring billing, the average sale amount through Clickbank is $67.27 but you can earn up to $325 per sale with all upsells included!


Is this a good niche?

The PUA or Pickup niche is relatively new and was popularized by Neil Strauss and his New York Times bestseller book; The Game. The pickup niche has a strong subculture following and is considered semi-mainstream these days thanks to the internet (mainly Youtube).

Many of the top selling pickup programs, including the TAO of Badass, do millions of dollars a year in sales and continue to do so. Many new programs pop up every day to feed into this hungry and expanding niche.

Millions of men from around the world have already discovered the power of seduction and pickup, with many more students to follow. The average pickup student invests $175 in their first program. So yeah, it’s a good niche.


Key Benifits of owning this site

  • Evergreen yet growning hice
  • Work from home business
  • No inventory, no stock, no physical location (work from anywhere)
  • No customer support required; referals only
  • Set-and-forget business; no maintenance

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