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Welcome to the world of Shopify money making. If you’re new to Shopify, this page is for you. We’ll go over the basic steps everyone has to go through to reach success with Shopify or e-commerce in general. 

These basic principles can be a useful guide to help you get started so let’s begin!


Find something to sell

Before you do anything, you need to have a product to sell. Thankfully, we don’t live in the 80s anymore and finding products to sell is as easy as going online and browsing a few websites. 

One of the best and easiest places to find products is; the largest online store that is often used for dropshipping.

You can learn everything about dropshipping from AliExpress in this guide: 

Now that you understand AliExpress dropshipping, it’s time to find out what works. There are literally millions of products you can sell, but not all of them will work. 

Focus on products that are both fun and practical. Nobody wants to see a Facebook ad for concrete or toilet paper, but a brand new avocado cutter that cuts the fruit in just 3 seconds without hassle is much more appealing and people will happily like and share (and most importantly; buy).

The below guide lays out a simple but effective method of finding hot selling products on Facebook:

Finding the right products to sell can take some time (up to a couple of weeks), but once you’ve found something good, don’t overthink and just get started! 

To make things even easier, here’s an entire list of hot niches in 2019:


building your store

You’ve done your research and found one or more products to sell. Good job so far, now it’s time to build it!

First of all, sign up for Shopify here. You get a 14-day free trial, which is enough time to build your store and start promoting it.

Our Shopify coach Ryan Melnick has an entire step-by-step, 1-hour long video where he takes you through all the steps he uses to build & launch successful 5 and 6-figure Shopify stores:

Let’s go over some of the key elements of your store real quick:

Themes: there is no need to use a paid theme when you’re new to Shopify. In fact, paying $180 for a premium theme is a waste of money when you’re just beginning.

We’ve done plenty of 5 and 6 figure stores using only free themes. Good free themes include MinimalSimpleVenture and Supply.

Apps: for dropshipping, use Oberlo and/or Dropified. On top of that, use these apps to dramiatically increase conversions:

When sorting through suppliers and importing products into your store, you might find this guide helpful:


Promote your Store

Now that your store is live, it’s time to get some customers. People won’t know how to find you unless you promote it, and that’s where marketing comes in.

Although there are hundreds of ways to promote your store, from forums to offline marketing and word-of-mouth, you want to start with something that’s simple and scalable.

Facebook ads is a great way to start. It can take your store from $0 in sales to 5, even 6-figures in monthly sales.

We recommend you focus on Video ads.

Here is an excellent guide when it comes to Facebook ads:

Besides Facebook ads, Instagram Influencers offers a fantastic way to get your product(s) in front of potential customers.

You simply contact big Instagram accounts in your niche and ask them to promote your post on their page for a small fee.

Here’s a good guide on Instagram influencers:

As we mentioned before, there are hundreds of ways to promote your store. If you’re on a budget, trying some free methods first is also an option.

Just keep in mind that paid ads are much faster and allow you to scale, while free methods usually take more time and are more labour intense.

Shopify does have a great guide on promotion though, that mostly talks about free methods:



It may sound cliché, but an important thing to remember is “don’t give up”.

You may only make 10 or 20 sales from your first ad or with Instagram, but by testing and scaling you’ll find lasting systems that work.

With ads: test different ad sets, different copy, different products etc.

With Instagram: test different Influencers, see what competitors do differently and scale up.

If you do get stuck, why not consult with an expert who can coach you through the process? See our Shopify coaching offer here.

Another great way to learn and keep yourself accountable is through our free Facebook group.

And finally, you can always email us if you need any help.

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