How To Find Winning Dropshipping Products in 4 Simple Steps

Are you starting your own Shopify Dropshipping store but don’t know where to start? You’re not the only one. Product research is a key element when you start  a new store and finding the right products to sell before you launch can save you months of frustration trying to sell something that nobody is buying.

In this quick guide, our coach Ryan shows you how he finds winning 5 or 6 figure products in under 20 seconds on Facebook.

Next we’ll go over finding these products on AliExpress; the world’s largest online marketplace for dropshipping items.

The original video on Ryan Melnick’s channel @RyanMelnick

Step 1: Go to Facebook

No paid tools or anything, we’ll just be using Facebook…

Step 2: Type “Get Yours Here” in the search bar.

Set the filter to only display results from this month. This will show you many hot dropshipping products that are being sold right now.

You’ll see products with thousands of comments, shares and hundreds of thousands of views. The more shares a video has, the more viral potential this product has.

Alternative search phrases include:

“Get Yours Today”
“Get Yours Now”
“Buy it Now”
“Get Yours Free” (free + shipping method)
“Get it Now”
“Get it Today”

And so on.

You should find plenty of hot selling products. Videos that only went up a couple of weeks ago and already have thousands of shares. Now that’s what I call a winning product.

Step 3: Find it on AliExpress

You want to make sure you can actually replicate this model and find the exact same product on AliExpress.

Head on over to and type in the product name. If you’re having difficulties finding the product you’re looking for, try something similar and descriptive like “black coffee mug”.

If you can’t find it through AliExpress, try Google.

Go to Google Images and type in “ your keyword”. I find sorting through Google Images easier and quicker than going through AliExpress search result pages. Then click through to the AliExpress page from there and you can find the right products.

Note: I do not recommend going with products / sellers that have a low volume of sales. Ideally you’re selling products with at least a couple of hundreds orders and no less than a 4.5 rating. Do your own research on the supplier so you don’t end up reselling from someone who has little experience shipping internationally.

I also recommend you look at other sellers offering the same product to see if you can get it cheaper and from a higher rated seller. AliExpress helps you with this; just go to Feedback and scroll down, you’ll find other sellers selling the item.

Step 4: Replicate

Now that you’ve found a product that’s super hot on Facebook, it’s time to replicate their strategy. The first thing you need to wonder is whether or not the margins are fair. If the seller you found sells the item for $19.99 and AliExpress charges you $15, that’s probably not a good deal.

I prefer to go with products that have a good margin on them. For example: you buy an item for $18 with free shipping and it sells for $39.99 on Facebook. That’s a $21.99 difference. Now let’s say it costs you $10 in ads to acquire a customer, that totals to $11.99 of profit per sale.

If you do your up & cross selling correctly, your average order value will go up which can rack up the numbers even more.

Next steps:

If you’re new to dropshipping, you might want to start a general store with some of the products you’ve found on Facebook. Then you can test multiple products and multiple ad strategies from there. It’s all about testing, but finding hot selling products gives you a great chance of succeeding with Shopify Dropshipping.

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